Arriving & Departing Camp

Arriving at Susque

Arrival Times for Winter Camps

Check-in for all Winter Camps is from 6-7PM on the first day of the camp.

How Check-in Works

  1. Upon arriving at Susque, you will park in the parking lot.
  2. Leave your camper's gear in the car. 
  3. Take any form of payment you need to settle up your account with as well as camper medication.
  4. Proceed towards the Wagon Wheel Room (Same Place as Summer Camp registration). Our friendly staff will be happy to give you directions.
  5. Once in the Wagon Wheel Room, you will:
    1. Fill out our Camper Release Form indicating who is approved to pick up your child at the end of the session. (This is for Chill, Frost, & Freeze only.)
    2. Enjoy some cookies and hot chocolate.
  6. If you owe a balance, you will proceed to the Payment Station. If not, you will proceed to the Nurse Station.
  7. At the Nurse Station:
    1. Campers will be screened by a trained staff member or nurse.
    2. Camper health forms will be reviewed and updated if necessary.
    3. Medications will be dropped off to the Nurse.
  8. Next you will proceed to the Program Station. At this station:
    1. Campers will sign up for chores.
    2. Campers are told which lodging is available for their gender.
    3. Our Program Staff can assist you to your car and/or show you where lodging is located.
  9. From here you may retrieve your gear and proceed towards the lodging.

Departing from Susque

Departure Times for Winter Camps

Freeze, Frost, and Chill end with a closing program that parents are invited to attend.  These programs are generally ~15 minutes in length and include a photo slideshow from the retreat, a brief summarizing message from the chaplain, and an invitation to upcoming events at Susque.

Closing Program Times:
Frost: 6:15PM
Chill: 1:30PM

*Blast ends with a brunch at 11:15AM

How Check-out Works

The following applies for Chill, Frost, and Freeze:

For safety and legal reasons, Camp Susque follows a strict check-out procedure of releasing campers at the end of the camp session.

This procedure requires that at check-in, parents and guardians accurately designate who is permitted to pick up their child. Anyone who is not listed as a designated pick-up person IS NOT allowed to leave the camping area with the child.

If this situation occurs, Susque will contact the parents and guardians for verbal confirmation that this person is an approved pick-up. It is therefore imperative that you contact Susque immediately should any pick-up changes occur during the time your child is at camp.

Unique Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Late drop-offs and early pick-ups are subject to pre-approval from our Program Director. Please contact Susque to discuss your particular situation.

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