Food & Lodging


Meals are often the highlight of the day on a Wilderness Trip!

Campers take turns cooking and serving the three meals each day. In addition, a steady supply of trail mix keeps everyone energized! Meal options range from pizza to freeze-dried delicacies. And, of course, each Trip begins with the classic Susque Stew.

Susque strives to provide nutritious, desirable meals that keep campers energized throughout the trip. Each meal is carefully analyzed and selected to provide vitamins, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates so campers are replacing what they burned off during the day. Fruits and vegetables are served at most meals. Additionally, plenty of water is filtered each day and available to campers. We encourage campers to consistently have at least two full water bottles with them.

View a sample menu. 

Beyond the types of food served, we intentionally use group preparation and family-style dining for each meal. This is to promote conversation and group bonding. 

Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Susque handles dozens of food allergies and restrictions every summer. Our Food Service Manager and Wilderness Trip Leaders will work with you and your camper to ensure that he/she will receive all of the proper nutrition needed for the trip. 

To notify us of your camper's food allergy or restriction, you will be provided a place on your camper's health form, due two weeks before your camper's arrival. Our Food Service Manager or a Wilderness Trip Leader may call you for further clarification. If something should change after you submit your health form, we request that Susque be notified within two weeks of your camper's arrival or we cannot guarantee accommodation. Health forms can be accessed by logging into your CampInTouch account.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us (570-998-2151) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


While on the Trip, campers are provided with tents or tarps. Leaders guide and assist with setting up sleeping areas each evening, taking the opportunity to teach useful skills such as knot tying, weather prediction, and "Leave No Trace" environmental ethics.

Some campers choose to bring hammocks while others prefer sleeping bags on the ground. It is important that all campers on the ground bring a sleeping pad to help them stay warm. 

Rustic restroom facilities are provided at each campsite except for those on the West Rim Excursion. Campers on the West Rim will get the privilege of learning how to utilize "Leave No Trace" ethics while taking care of their bathroom needs in the woods.

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