Arriving & Departing Camp

Arriving at Susque

Arrival Times for Summer Youth Camps

Young Explorers: Sunday from 6-7 PM for boys and Wednesday from 6-7 PM for girls

Boys Camp & Girls Camp: Saturdays from 4-5 PM

Arrival Times for Wilderness Trips

West Rim Excursion: Wednesday at 12 PM

Operation Ohiopyle, Chesapeake Challenge, & Adirondack Adventure: Saturdays from 4-5 PM

Delaware River Run: Wednesday at 12 PM

If possible, we suggest that you personally bring your child to camp. This allows you to see the camp's facilities and meet the leadership, your child's counselor and cabin or tent mates.

How Check-in Works

  1. Upon arriving at Susque, you will be directed to park in the parking lot or in a grassy area.
  2. Leave your camper's gear in the car.
  3. Take any form of payment you need to settle up your account with as well as camper medication.
  4. Proceed towards Check-in Station #1: the Camp Office. At the Camp Office you will:
    1. Pay off any remaining balances.
    2. Be able to pre-order your camper's session thumb-drive with pictures and videos from the week.
    3. Have the opportunity to visit Trail's End, the Camp Store.
  5. Proceed towards Check-in Station #2: Photo Station
    1. Here you will get a taste of the week's theme, if applicable.
    2. And your camper's photo will be taken as they begin their camp adventure!
  6. Proceed towards Check-in Station #3: Nurse
    1. Here your camper will be screened by a trained staff member or nurse.
    2. Your camper's health form will be reviewed and updated if necessary.
    3. Medications will be dropped off with the camp nurse.
    4. The Food Service Manager will be on hand to discuss your child's food allergies and restrictions.
  7. Proceed towards Check-in Station #4: Program Station
    1. Here you will get a bio of your camper's counselor/trip leader.
    2. You will also receive your child's cabin or tent assignment, if applicable.
    3. And you will fill out a form informing us of people who are approved to pick up your child at the end of the week.
  8. From here you may retrieve your camper's gear and proceed towards his/her designated lodging. Rickshaws and Staff-in-Training members are on hand to assist you with your luggage.

Departing from Susque

Departure Times for Summer Youth Camps & Wilderness Trips

Most Summer Youth Camps & Wilderness Trips have a closing program on the Saturday of departure at 9:30 AM.*  Parents are invited to this program.

The Closing Program consists of highlights from the week by camp leadership, a brief overview by the chaplain, a slideshow of the week, activity class rewards, and other general info. The Closing Program lasts a half-hour, until about 10 AM, at which point parents will be dismissed to pick campers up at their cabins or tents, following instructions from the Director at the closing program.

All campers must depart by 11 AM.

*The Delaware River Run will not have a traditional closing program. Pickup is 10:00 AM on Saturday.

How Check-out Works 

For safety and legal reasons, Camp Susque follows a strict check-out procedure of releasing campers at the end of the camp session.

This procedure requires that at check-in, parents and guardians accurately designate who is permitted to pick up their child. Anyone who is not listed as a designated pick-up person IS NOT allowed to leave the camping area with the child.

If this situation occurs, Susque will contact the parents and guardians for verbal confirmation that this person is an approved pick-up.  It is therefore imperative that you contact Susque immediately should any pick-up changes occur during the week your child is at camp.

Unique Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Late drop-offs and early pick-ups are subject to pre-approval from our Program Directors. Please contact Susque to discuss your particular situation.

For Parents with Campers Enrolled in Boys Week 3 & Girls Week 1

A time period of 6 hours exists between the end of Boys Week 3 and the check-in time for Girls Week 1. If you have a child in each session and do not want to make the trip to Susque twice, you are allowed to extend your son's stay with us until 4PM when check-in for Girls Week 1 begins. Susque must be notified of your intent to do so before the day of so we can arrange adequate supervision of your son.

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