Dining Hall Expansion & Renovations

Hemlock Hall Expansion, Phase 1

As many people know, a camp's dining hall is one of the most heavily-used areas on camp. Ours is no exception! Over the course of its long history, it has been most lovingly "used up." We are lacking table space, kitchen and dish space, meeting space, and ADA-accessible bathrooms, among many other things. There are some parts of the dining hall that we and our constiutents do love, however, such as the arched wooden beams and big fireplace.   

3/22/2018 Update

  • Bathrooms fully functional –AND– Used!
  • Stairs to Rec Room being adjusted for wheel chair accessible stair glider installation
  • End of Dining Hall ceiling having paneling added to match existing Dining Hall ceiling
  • Permits approved for Phase II. Awaiting signed contract and construction dates. Expected to start by end of March.

3/06/2018 Update

  • Plumbing and electrical in new bathrooms nearly complete
  • Rec Room (Basement) carpeted, painted
  • Pottery shop expanded
  • Permits in process for Phase II. Expected to start by end of March

2/19/2018 Update

Progress is coming along on Phase 1.  Excavation and demolition started on November 1st, and as of February 19th, the focus is "finish" work.  Some progress that has happened so far (check Susque's facebook for pictures and progress!):

  • Demolition & Excavation
  • Foundation & Concrete
  • Framing & Roof
  • Electric, Plumbing & Heating installation
  • Phoenix Composting Toilet installation
  • Insulation
  • Drywall & Finishing
  • Painting

Steps yet to come:

  • Floor leveling & epoxy
  • Roof joists re-installation (above former stage area)
  • Plumbing fixture installation
  • Electric fixtures / lights installation
  • Door installation
  • Chair-lift installation

 Some lesser known aspects of Phase 1 are the renovations in the Hemlock Hall basement (lovingly referred to as the Rec Room):

  • Nearly doubled size of Pottery Studio
  • Carpet tiles across most of the floor
  • New, brighter paint color
  • New LED lighting throughout
  • Increased overall floorspace by removal of two storage areas


Starting in 2017, Camp Susque, in Partnership with T. Ross Brothers Construction, will begin the first phase of a four part expansion project.  This first phase includes:

  • An extended floor plan - adding 28 feet Eastward to the building
  • Slightly larger floor space for main dining/meeting area (floor will extend to rear of current stage area)
  • Larger, ADA Accessible bathrooms on the first floor
  • More first-floor storage for tables and chairs
  • Wider, well-lit stairwell to the basement
  • Environmentally friendly Phoenix Composting toilets
  • Increased basement size to eventually increase overall basement area, as well as Pottery Studio and storage
  • ADA entrance to the basement from rear of building
  • Wheelchair access to basement from inside the building

This video tour gives a great overview of some of these changes:


Continue reading below for pictures of our proposed floor plan and changes for Phase 1.

The cost of this project is expected to come in at nearly $200,000.   This includes the following:

  • Demolition & Excavation
  • Labor & Materials for Construction
  • Phoenix Composting Toilets
  • New Mechanical services for new portion of Hemlock Hall
  • Stormwater management plans for entire Hemlock Hall

Camp Susque is committed to funding this project without using debt.  We have already raised over $100,000 towards this project, but still have significant needs in order to complete this project debt free.  If you would like to contribute towards this project, please click the donate button below:

Proposed Floorplans:

Click on individual pictures to download a high-res PDF: 


3D Elevation
Phase 1 Expansion, Outside Perspective

Phase 1: 3D Floorplan of proposed addition.  Enlarged Dining Area ends at the rear of the current stage.
Overhead view of proposed floor plan.
Future expansion plans include:
  • Full roof replacement
    • Insulation & Venting
  • Enclose current porch to create building-long hallway, and extend new porch in front of existing building.
  • Deck & Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace overlooking Lycoming Creek
  • Kitchen addition, creating separate dish-room

For questions, comments, or to see floor plans for future expansion, please contact our Camp Director Peter Swift - by calling 570-998-2151 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.